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Play Golf All Year in Heath, Ohio at the Mastodon Golf Club with 3 New GSPro Golf Simulators

Under new ownership, The Mastodon Golf Club wanted to allow golfers the opportunity to play and train all year around whether it’s freezing cold, too windy, snowing, too hot, raining, or even dark. The club has recently purchased and installed 3 new GSPro golf simulators equipped with Uneekor launch monitors. This technology offers well known courses for play such as Pebble Beach to Firestone Country Club and if those are not appealing there are up to 500 courses available.

Extensive improvements to the facility and the 18-hole course were made in 2021- 2022 to keep quality of play up and the history of the course alive. You can now play with Ohio locals and even play online with countless players from around the world looking to gain the top spot on the GSPro online leaderboard. Courses are added regularly as there is a dedicated course design team and several community members designing courses daily.

The GSPro was the top choice for Mastodon because it is an authentic simulator, not like the arcade video game you might have played before. It offers 4K graphics and realistic ball physics. GSPro uses LIDAR modeling and Unity software to produce some of the most accurate re-creations of courses available and is like playing real golf. The simulator will help you to improve your swing and make you mentally stronger for outdoor play. Plus, you can play almost 500 courses while in the warmth and comfort of Mastodon’s revamped indoor facility!

The simulators are available for league play, birthday celebrations, social gatherings, and regular daily play. Tee times are required, please call ahead.

$30 per hour per bay up to 4 golfers weekdays
$35 per hour per baby up to 4 golfers weekends

Recommended tee times!
Over 200 courses and brand new software and setup!
Tee times are required so please call ahead before stopping by!
You can reserve a tee time by calling us at
(740) 522-3464
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