5 Good Reasons to Play a Golf Simulator During Adverse Weather Conditions

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Golfers can now play and train all year round, whether it's freezing cold, too windy, snowing, too hot, raining, or even dark, by finding a GSPro golf simulator close to your home or wherever you might be traveling.
Here are 5 advantages of playing golf using a GSPro simulator:
Consistent Conditions: Golf simulators provide a controlled environment with consistent lighting, temperature, and surface conditions, allowing you to practice and refine your game even in adverse weather.
Realistic Game Play: Golf simulators use high-tech sensors and software to mimic real-life golf course conditions and provide accurate ball flight and shot feedback. New courses are constantly being added to allow golfers to play a variety.
Increased Practice Time: With a golf simulator, you can play or practice any time of day, year-round, without worrying about weather or course availability.
Convenient and Time-Efficient: You can get in a full round of 18 holes in a fraction of the time it would take on an actual course. Golf simulators also eliminate the need to travel to a course or set aside time to wait on the tee.
Affordable: Compared to real greens fees and travel expenses, golf simulators offer a cost-effective way to play and practice regularly, making them an excellent option for improving your game during winter.
There are a variety of golf simulators on the market. But GSPro was the top choice for Mastodon Golf Club in Health, OH, because it is an authentic simulator. It is not like the arcade video game you might have played before. Instead, it offers 4K graphics and realistic ball physics. GSPro uses LIDAR modeling and Unity software to produce some of the most accurate re-creations of courses available and is like playing real golf. This simulator will help you to improve your swing and make you mentally stronger for outdoor play. Plus, you can play almost 500 courses in the warmth and comfort of Mastodon's revamped indoor facility!
Mastodon Golf Club is an 18-Hole public course between Newark and Hebron off State Route 79 on Ridgely Tract Road. Add Mastodon to your next party, weekly league play (days/evenings), or corporate dinner, and improve your game on actual courses you have always wanted to play.
Tee times are required so please call ahead before stopping by!
You can reserve a tee time by calling us at
(740) 522-3464
$30 per hour per bay up to 4 golfers weekdays
$35 per hour per bay up to 4 golfers weekends

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